Never had it so good.

Hello, Tumblr world!  Yes, I’m alive!  For the past eight months, I’ve been uninspired to write anything.  I have not logged on nor have I scrolled down to see what you all have been up to but I’m sure you’ve all been doing spectacular.  To make my life short and sweet, I’ve been a hardworking RN still blissfully crazy with the same man I talked about months ago.  Life has only gotten better since the last post.  I had my ups and downs but I’m still here in one piece at the age of twenty-six.  

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Three-day weekends were made for more fun

San Francisco.  Sir Francis Drake.  Roy’s Restaurant.  Ahi Poke.  Macademia Nut Mahi Mahi.  Mango mojito.  Chocolate Souffle.  Dotties.  Raspberry Blackberry Pop Tarts.  Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuits with Jalapeno Jelly.  Rain.  49ers.  Willis.  Nacho Cheese.  Nutella Cheesecake Bars.  Pure Bliss.  I wish I could relive the moment right.  now.

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My first fortune cookie of 2012

My first fortune cookie of 2012

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2011 - My Life in a Nutshell.

-Being one of the few students to precept at Children’s Hospital Oakland which had been my lifelong dream to work there.

-Graduating from Nursing School and celebrating with people who care the most.

-Turning 25 and celebrating my birthday every week in June.

-Passing the NCLEX and watching my parents cry tears of joy instead of frustration.

-Getting a callback from CCRMC and working there as a Medical-Surgical Nurse

-Celebrating the Holidays with my entire family which hasn’t happened in 8 years.

-Being able to give Christmas gifts to each family member.  This is how I learned that “giving is truly better than receiving”.

-Lastly, having someone there to share all the special moments that occurred this year.  We’ve grown to have a beautiful yet complicated “relationship” but regardless of our situation, I’m grateful for him.  I continue to wish the best for the both of us in 2012.  Faith.

This year is the first time in 3 years since I celebrated NYE at home.  I’ve been driving down to Las Vegas with my family and whoring it up in the streets of Sin City.  Okay, I just sounded like a hooker but I’m just really missing the chaos and mozone at the strip during this time of the year.  I may not be celebrating NYE there but it’s not going to stop me from celebrating a momentous year here at home.  2011 is definitely a year to celebrate so cheers to an unforgettable year!  To the Lord, my heart is filled with so much gratitude.  <3  May 2012 bring good health, more happiness and more blessings…yeah, the same goes for you.  :)  Happy New Year! 

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I’m so excited for Nicki Minaj’s collection for OPI, it comes out in 2012.

Oh my Lord!


I’m so excited for Nicki Minaj’s collection for OPI, it comes out in 2012.

Oh my Lord!

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Summer to Remember

Summer’s over but it’s still freakin’ hot outside.  Ever since I started my new job as a Registered Nurse, I haven’t had the time to blog until tonight.  Well…here it is…

I went to Hawaii a week after I came back from Las Vegas.  I had to catch a much needed Summer break especially after all the energy I consumed while studying for the NCLEX.  It was my first time traveling to Hawaii without my family but I went to chill and be merry with my friends and immediate family.  I was fat and black and too busy living the good life.  It was ten times the fun!

As soon as I arrived home all dark and burnt, it was time to celebrate one of my favorite weeks of the year - aris’ birthday on September 6, grandma’s birthday on September 9, mom and dad’s wedding anniversary on September 8.  Also, because I never really had a post-grad celebration or celebrate my passing of the NCLEX with people I hold dear to my heart, my parents hosted a party for me that same weekend.  :)

It’s always a tea party for my grandma’s birthday.  She hates them.  LOL

He’s getting older by the minute.  :(

I love cake!  Another reason why my love handles exist.

Thankful for life in every way.  Too lucky and blessed.  

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Hello, Summer!

I haven’t done anything “Summerish” since I graduated.  Summer vacation officially starts tomorrow!  

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"Sometimes, God puts unexpected people in your life at unexpected moments so you can keep hoping for an unexpected result."
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It’s true!

This past week has been so surreal.  Why?  I PASSED THE NCLEX!!  I’m officially a registered nurse and I sometimes need to pinch myself just to be reassured that I’m not dreaming!  I feel completely blessed and grateful…what more can I say?  Got to give a shout out to all my supporters who always believed I’d make it this far.  Love you all.  Missing the East Coast trip with my family was worth the sacrifice after all. 

How I looked when I found out.

P.S My Summer vacation officially starts.  :)

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Oh Dolores.

Oh Dolores.

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